Miracles For Michael

Miracles for Michael

The ECFD is working to raise money to support the family of one our members as they deal with this difcult situation.

Michael was born on September 14th and incurred a brain injury at birth resulting in a massive brain bleed, seizures, strokes, and ultimately brain damage. It was later diagnosed that Michael has Hemophilia A, which is a disorder in which the body does not have enough factor VIII to clot and properly control bleeding. 

Michael was given a little chance of survival after birth, but despite what doctors have said, Michael has surpassed all obstacles. In the past few months he has battled against bacterial meningitis, epilepsy, hydrocephalus, and three brain surgeries. Michael is a warrior and continues to fight everyday. 

Though he has sustained brain damage, Michael is globally delayed making it difficult for him to meet milestones. He requires multiple sessions of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and vision therapy to help meet his needs. Michael will need adaptive equipment to help him get through his daily routine and to help meet his goals

Along with equipment, therapy sessions, medication costs, and hospital bills have become quite the expense for Michael’s family. Please help by donating to this amazing fighter and continue to spread Miracles for Michael.